Be First in Line for Go Live

Pre-registration is your chance to place all of your domain orders before they go live. We’ll automatically try to register your domains as soon as General Availability begins, giving you the best chance of getting the domains you want.

The Best Opportunity to Get Your Domains

The launch of a new TLD typically includes a series of phases that make domain names available to consumers. The final phase in this process before General Availability (GA) is Pre-registration.

Pre-registration allows you to place your domain orders into a queue ahead of GA. As soon as GA opens, industry leading technology is used to acquire Pre-registered domains as fast as possible. This ensures you the best chance of securing the domains you want.

Domains we acquire with multiple orders will either enter a closed auction between those that ordered the domain or be awarded on a first come, first serve basis. We’ll refund your order automatically for any domains that we were unable to register.

Pre-registration FAQs

Pre-registration is an exclusive offering that allows interested registrants the ability to submit their domain name order prior to the General Availability period. Pre-registration is a favored way to get domain registrations because it leverages industry leading technology to register a domain name in the early moments of availability when contention is the highest.

Using Pre-registration does not guarantee the domain will be registered to you, only that it will be ready and queued up to go for the opening of the General Availability period.

Submitting a Pre-registration order does not guarantee that you will get the domain. However we will guarantee that your domain will be in the queue and ready for submission to the registry immediately upon the opening of General Availability leveraging world class technology with a high history of success. And if you don’t get your domain, your registration fee will be refunded.

Fees for Pre-registration will include only the registration fee. If you are not awarded the domain, this fee will be refunded.

No, the Watchlist is an expression of interest only. When the registries open you will be notified to take action on any domains in your Watchlist for entry into Sunrise, Landrush, Pre-Registration, or General Availability.

Domains with multiple applications in our Pre-registration queue that we are successfully able to register will be awarded either by sending it to private auction to be bid on by those submitting an order, or it will be awarded on first come, first serve basis. You would be notified of the auction details by our auction platform provider should it go into auction. Terms & Conditions