Claim the Best Domains

Landrush is your chance to get the most sought after domains. Domains that everyone wants but are too generic to have a trademark, like or, are up for grabs for an additional fee. Multiple bids for the same name are usually settled at auction.

Early Access for a Premium Price

The launch of a new TLD typically includes a series of phases that make domain names available to consumers. The second phase of this process is usually Landrush. Landrush opens up registrations beyond trademark holders and usually allows anyone the opportunity to purchase domains for an additional fee.

After the Landrush window closes, domains with multiple orders will typically enter a closed auction where everyone that ordered the domain is given the opportunity to bid for the domain. Auction terms vary between TLDs and some may instead opt for an alternative model such as assigning domains on a first come, first serve basis.

This phase of a new TLD’s launch typically lasts 30 days, though specific TLDs may vary.

Landrush FAQs

Landrush is a period for priority registration of domain names that occurs between Sunrise and General Availability. Landrush is an optional launch phase that may not be supported by all TLDs. Landrush provides consumers with early access to the most sought after domains, typically at a higher price.

Landrush rules will vary per TLD. Please be sure to review all the policies for each TLD prior to submitting your Landrush application.

Registries can establish their own Landrush timelines so they can vary in length. However often they are for a period of about 30 days.

Your entry into Landrush will include a refundable registration fee, plus any additional fees required by the registry for Landrush.

No, the Watchlist is an expression of interest only. When the registries open you will be notified to take action on any domains in your Watchlist for entry into Sunrise, Landrush or General Availability.

The registries are free to choose their own contention policy. However, most registries will use an auction platform to determine a winner. If you are not awarded the domain through the results of the auction, your registration fee will be refunded. Registry rules will vary. Terms & Conditions